Roughly Drafted: 19 Things iPad will Kill

Submitted by lalit on April 2, 2010 - 8:06am.

Daniel Dilger of Roughly Drafted has posted a list of things that iPad would kill, if the device became successful (and the reviews show that it will be a big hit). He wrote “It will require Apple to kill off interest in rival things of its competitor’s in order to allow the iPad to inhale the attention spans of consumers that those devices were once consuming.”

Daniel’s list includes gadgets like eReaders, DVD player, Netbook, PSP and DS; software like Flash, Sliverlight, JavaFX, Chrome OS, Android, Windows Phone 7 and Office; and things like textbooks, brochures and Xeroxed papers in office. He also adds other tablet like devices, Google’s ad monopoly, set top boxes and single purpose industrial gadgets to the list. There are abstract things like credibility of haters and idle moments on the killer list too.

We think iPad will have major effect on many of the above-mentioned things and it might replace lot of the old technologies. How big an impact iPad will have, would depend on content availability for the device. However, the article by Daniel is an interesting read.