Windows Phone 7 Series Will Get Copy & Paste in Future

Submitted by lalit on March 18, 2010 - 10:43am.

News that Windows Phone 7 Series won’t support copy & paste functionality created quite a stir around the blogosphere yesterday. But Long Zheng is now reporting that a person close to Microsoft “explained that copy & paste is definitely a scenario and feature that the team is putting a lot of thought about and hope to bring to the platform soon after initial release.”

He further wrote “As it turns out, the development team actually knows exactly how they will be implementing copy & paste in WP7S but did not believe it could be implemented without affecting the release schedule they’ve committed too and therefore will be including it in an update down the road.”

With the in-depth preview of Windows Phone 7 Series at MIX10 in Las Vegas, it looks like platform-wise Microsoft is copying Apple to the dot. Like iPhone, Windows Phone 7 Series will not support multitasking for third-party apps; application installation on the phone will be just via Microsoft Marketplace similar to App Store; and finally like iTunes for iPhone, Zune software will provide syncing for Windows Phone 7 Series. Since launch of Zune, Microsoft has turned into true Apple follower taking same steps that Apple takes with its iPod and iPhone platforms only 2-3 years later.