Intel Previews Core i7 980X Extreme Edition Processor; Mac Pro Based on New Processor Coming Tuesday

Submitted by lalit on March 11, 2010 - 8:22pm.

Intel is previewing its latest PC platform the Intel Core i7-980X Extreme Edition processor, codenamed “Gulftown” the first 32nm, six-core processor with 12 computing threads. The 3.33GHz processor will have 12MB of L3 cache, and 130W TDP. According to Intel, the processor will offer 30-50 percent performance gain over previous top-of-the-line quad core desktop processors. And reviews posted by websites like Hot Hardware, Anand Tech and PC Perspective add weight to that claim by calling the new Core i7 980X the fastest desktop processor available. Intel Core i7 980X Extreme Edition is priced $999 and systems based on the new processor should come to the market by end of this month.

Also, ZD net claims that Mac Pro based on the new Core i7-980x processor will be introduced on Tuesday, March 16th. The website posted that “Apple is set to revamp its high-end Mac Pro line, adding a hexacore Core i7-980x model to the lineup”. But our sources say that Apple won’t use the newly announced desktop processor in the Mac Pro lineup and will continue using Intel Xeon processors in the lineup. Apple is planning to update the Mac Pro lineup soon and will use Xeon server processors as they have done for past 4 years.