Dell Posts Teaser Video for Upcoming Adamo Laptop

Submitted by lalit on March 10, 2009 - 8:31am.


Dell has posted a video showcasing the manufacturing process that is used to make the upcoming Adamo luxury laptop. The video shows two laser-equipped robots cutting a block of aluminum to make the base of Adamo laptop and then adding various laptop parts to it, resulting in a the finished product.

The video clearly shows how much Dell was inspired by Apple’s unibody manufacturing process, which Apple showcased when they announced the new MacBook laptops in October 2008, but have been using to make MacBook Air since January 2008. The video also shows that the Adamo will be a 13-inch MacBook competitor rather than MacBook Air, as the MacBook Air is thinner than the base of Dell Adamo.

It will be interesting to see the specs on the upcoming Adamo, we hope that Dell will not use Intel's integrated graphics and go for a better graphics card.  We have added video of new MacBook below that shows unibody manufacturing process, check it out and compare for yourself. [Via Engadget]