Apple Adds QuickTime X Player, Cocoa Desktop and Multi-Finger Gestures in Latest Snow Leopard Beta

Submitted by lalit on March 9, 2009 - 2:49pm.

Last week, Apple released the latest beta build 10A286 of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard to selected developer. The new build included significant changes to the QuickTime player, Finder, Core Text and Gesture inputs.

Apple has added completely redesigned QuickTime X Player to Snow Leopard. The new player loses the current below the video control scheme in favor of video overlay controls similar to iTunes video playback. The new QuickTime player has just a semi-transparent black title bar and video plays beneath it. Once the video starts playing the title bar also fades away leaving the video floating on the screen with deep shadow surrounding all four sides. Apple has described the new QuickTime X Player as optimized for modern audio and video formats for extremely efficient media playback.

The second big change added to Snow Leopard beta is Cocoa based Mac OS X Finder/desktop. Apple has also updated look of Finder, info windows and contextual menu. Cocoa based finder will improve response and add true 64-bit support to finder.

Apple has made many improvements to Core Text of Mac OS X in Snow Leopard beta. The OS now offers system wide spell check, grammar check, smart copy/paste, smart quotes and smart links. The system wide spelling check will provide automatic spell correction like Microsoft Word in every application. There will also be a system wide Substitution feature that will automatically replace text as user types a given character sequence with pre-defined word or phrase.

The last big feature that Apple has added to new Snow Leopard beta is 4-finger multitouch gestures. With Snow Leopard Apple will bring multitouch gesture like four-finger swipe to invoke Expose to first generation multi-touch trackpad devices. This basically means that Apple has added gestures to the core OS and other devices will also be able to take advantage of these features when Mac OS X 10.6 is released.

Apple will ship the Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard by end of Q2 2009.
[Via AppleInsider]