iPad 2 More Than Three Times Faster than Galaxy Tab and Original iPad

Submitted by lalit on March 7, 2011 - 7:27pm.

Apple has already said that the dual core A5 chip on iPad 2 is 2x faster for normal computational tasks and 9x faster for graphics. However, Apple didn’t talk about browsing performance. Well, no need to worry, CNET came to the rescue and ran some JavaScript benchmarking test, as well as compared iPad 2’s browsing performance with some other iOS and Android devices.

CNET ran SunSpider JavaScript Test on iPad 2, original iPad, iPhone 4, Google Nexus S and Samsung Galaxy Tab. The new iPad 2 out performed all other devices by at least a factor of 3. iPad 2 finished the SunSpider test in 2097 milliseconds (ms), whereas Google Nexus S took 6128ms, Galaxy Tab took 7066ms, iPad took 8321ms and iPhone 4 10414ms.

However, iPad 2 achieved such high score not just because of hardware but software also. When iOS 4.3 that’s running on iPad 2 was installed on original iPad and iPhone 4 their scores also improved to 3261ms and 4151ms respectively. Safari on iOS 4.3 comes with Nitro JavaScript engine that runs JavaScript twice as fast as on iOS 4.2.

There is no doubt that updated hardware on iPad 2 is really fast because even after installing the latest iOS 4.3 on original iPad, the new iPad 2 was still 56% faster in SunSpider test. Overall, it shows that Apple is focusing on both hardware and software to keep Apple’s mobile platform ahead of swarm of Android devices.