Apple Working on Fiberglass Cover for iPad 3 and Glass not Aluminum for iPhone 5 Back

Submitted by lalit on March 5, 2012 - 1:04pm.

iLounge’s Jeremy Horwitz has been right about Apple related rumors many times in past. Actually, his ratio is hundred times better than DigiTimes when it comes to Apple rumors. So his today’s post about new iPad case and glass bodied iPhone prototype caught our eye. Jeremy posted:

  • The iPad Smart Case. Apple apparently has been working on a Smart Cover-influenced case of its own for the upcoming iPad. Said to be similar to Incase’s Magazine Jacket (and a host of subsequent alternatives that have appeared for the iPad 2), this new case has a folding magnetized Smart Cover on the front, and a rear shell made from fiberglass covered with PU/bicast leather. It’s unclear whether this case will be solely for the thicker new iPad or include backwards compatibility for the iPad 2.
  • Another Glass iPhone. Despite the well-established “aluminum-backed iPhone 5” rumors that have continued to circulate since the iPhone 4 was released, Apple is nonetheless continuing to experiment with glass and ceramic rear shells for a future iPhone model. The upshot is that the new design would be like the iPhone 4, but thinner, thanks to Corning’s stronger Gorilla Glass 2 and the further reduction of internal components. Our source suggests that the 30-pin Dock Connector is likely on the way out in the near future, and that a larger screen remains in the cards.

We weren’t able to confirm any of the above rumors with our sources, but we think that there is definitely some ounce of truth to these rumors.