iPad 3 Will Have Home Button and Might be Called iPad HD

Submitted by lalit on March 1, 2012 - 8:53pm.

Two days back iPad picture on Apple’s March 7th press event invite started a rumor that next generation iPad won’t have the Home button. However, Repair Labs have gotten their hands on front glass and digitizer assembly in both black and white color, which they claim is for upcoming iPad 3. The assembly looks almost similar to current iPad 2 part, but the ribbon cable is different indicating that the part is indeed for a newer model.

The good news is that the glass and digitizer assembly has a Home button and iPad 3 will come in both black and white color. The bad news is that the rumored touch sensitive bezel will just remain a dream for now.

In other iPad related news, Gizmodo is reporting that Apple might call the next generation iPad – iPad HD. This report is based on alleged part listings from Griffin and Belkin for a device they are calling iPad HD. Jesus Diaz posted on Gizmodo:

Since the new iPad is being announced next week, it seems that it may be the right time for big manufacturers like Griffin and Belkin to get this kind of info. However, until Tim Cook and his mariachis are on stage next week, we will not know for sure.

Also one of the Gizmodo readers posted them graph of usage data from an application called Tapatalk, which runs on iOS, Android and Blackberry. The graph shows that the application was used on a device called iPad HD on 19, 23, 24 and 26 February.