No Front Facing Camera for Video Calls on Next Generation iPhone

Submitted by lalit on February 26, 2010 - 9:28am.


Rumors about next generation iPhone featuring front facing camera have been going around the blogosphere for past few days. These rumors were ignited by the news that iPhone SDK 3.2 beta has code supporting Zoom, Flash and Front Camera. Also a patent application by Apple showing handheld device with a forward facing camera added fuel to the fire.

However, one of our sources told us that Apple wouldn’t add front facing camera for video calls or chat to next generation iPhone. We complete trust this source, as he is the same person who informed us that iPad will be priced around $500-$600 a week before Apple’s announcement. He also added that there won’t be flash for iPhone camera, but he is not completely sure about this information. He believes Apple will use the new backside illuminated CMOS sensor like OV5647 from OmniVision to improve camera capabilities in darker environments rather than adding flash.

We believe the front facing camera was part of iPad design, which is almost confirmed by design of accept and decline icons for video chat in the image above. Also, one of our other sources says that webcam was actually part of iPad design till the last minute. He doesn’t know why Apple yanked it before launch. We should find out more about this missing feature when Apple actually ships the iPad and launches next version of iPhone OS later in March.