Microsoft Unveils Windows Mobile 6.5 and Recite Searchable Voice Note App

Submitted by lalit on February 16, 2009 - 9:56pm.

Microsoft today announced Windows Mobile 6.5 with mixed reactions from various analysts at Mobile World Congress. The main feature of the Windows Mobile 6.5 is its new user interface designed for finger input via touchscreen. The UI has two main components the Today screen and the Honeycomb Start screen. The Today screen is inspired by Zune’s interface and provides large buttons, finger scrolling and graphics like Zune. The Start screen is basically an application browser designed as honeycomb.
There is also new lock feature that requires you to slide a button across screen just like the iPhone to unlock the phone. Microsoft has improved the basic slide feature by allowing users to jump direct from lock screen to various applications depending on where you slide on the screen. For example, if you slide on top it will just unlock the phone. But the lower position on the screen where messages appear will allow you to go to particular location in the software depending on which message you slide on.
Microsoft has also made the web browser more finger friendly and faster. Microsoft claims that the browser can render more web pages properly than any other mobile browser on the market as it comes with flash support. The phones presently running Windows Mobile 6.1 won’t be able to upgrade to 6.5 as its CPU and memory requirements are higher. Overall, the Windows Mobile 6.5 is just cosmetic touch-up and the problems like no capacitive touchscreen support, lagginess and outdated media features are still there.
Along with the Windows Mobile update Microsoft also added My Phone and SkyMarket to its smartphone initiative. Information about My Phone online mobile backup and storage service was leaked about 10 days ago. It is available now as free beta service with 200MB storage. SkyMarket is the codename for online application store for Windows Mobile platform and it will arrive with 6.5 update in second half of 2009. The SkyMarket will allow direct-to-phone application installation and users will be able to use their Windows Live ID to purchase applications. 
The other Microsoft announcement at Mobile World Congress was public technology preview of Recite a searchable voice note application. The application allows users to record random voice notes and then search for and find notes by speaking back words from the note that was recorded earlier. The Recite is available for Windows Mobile 6.0 and higher and it can be downloaded from Microsoft’s website.
We have added a marketing video of Windows Mobile 6.5 that was released by Microsoft below.