Google Introduces Buzz Bringing Live Social Networking to Gmail, iPhone and Android

Submitted by lalit on February 10, 2010 - 9:47am.

Yesterday, Google launched their new service called Buzz that aggregates live updates from Twitter, Google Reader, Flickr, Picasa and YouTube for a user. The service is available as web app for iPhone and Android handsets, and is also integrated with Gmail offering all the information in a single window.

Buzz is a location-aware system and allows public or private sharing from the same account. For example, you can share a personal photo with specific people or groups, or make a story you read Google Reader public. Google uses a smart filter that auto collapses very short or otherwise low-key messages and offers option of Twitter-style @ replies to friends.

Google says that the new Buzz service will be very easy for users as it auto-follow more frequent contacts in your Gmail account and users won’t have to build their profile from ground-up like they have to do for most social networking services. Google has started gradual rollout of the service, but if you want to try the service now you can opt-in by going to Google Buzz website. We have added two videos below that show how the Google Buzz works.