Microsoft Developing Smartphone for Second Half of 2009

Submitted by lalit on February 5, 2009 - 9:57pm.

Research Firm Broadpoint AmTech claims that Microsoft is planning to release a smartphone of its own in second half of 2009. Research analysts Mark McKechnie and Rob Sandserson say that multiple industrial sources have confirmed Microsoft’s smartphone development plan. With the new smartphone, Microsoft will tightly integrate hardware and software like the iPhone does.
Tight integration basically means that Microsoft will screw its mobile hardware partner like it did with PlaysforSure partners by launching Zune. Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer has repeatedly denied smartphone development, as he did before announcing Zune.
It is believed that the smartphone will use NVIDIA’s Tegra platform. The phone will be based on Windows Mobile 6.5, but it will have Zune like interface to make it look different. And, like the iPhone this device will also use touchscreen for input. No other information about the upcoming Microsoft smartphone is available yet.