PC Makers Trying to Highlight Their Tablet After iPad Announcement

Submitted by lalit on January 29, 2010 - 12:21pm.

With announcement of iPad by Apple, various PC makers like Dell, HP, Asus and MSI are trying to grab some spotlight by releasing information about their upcoming tablets, even though most of these tablets won’t ship till second half of this year. HP was the first to jump the gun by releasing a video (added below) in which company’s CTO Phil McKinney talks about the upcoming HP Slate PC.

The video doesn’t give any information about the product itself, but is more about the history of tablet development by HP. The video actually shows that HP found out most consumers don’t care much about black and white e-readers and wanted more colorful multimedia experience. In a way proving Apple’s approach for iPad development was spot-on.

MSI also joined in on Thursday by announcing that they will launch a NVIDIA Tegra 2 based tablet PC in second half of 2010 priced around $500. Again very little information about the product was provide as it was still in development. According to Sambora Chen, director of sales at MSI, the tablet will feature a 10-inch color touchscreen, wireless support and will be thin and light for mobility. After initial launch, MSI plans to add different models based on market demand.

While talking to TechCrunch, Dell’s CEO Michael Dell showed Dell Mini 5. He again didn’t gave much information about the device, but it’s known that the device will be Android based with 1GHz Snapdragon processors, 5-megapixel camera, WiFi 3G and Bluetooth. Dell Mini 5 will also ship in second half of 2010 for a rumored price tag of $1,000.

We have added both HP Slate video and Dell Mini 5 video below, check it out.