Samsung Uses 50nm DDR3 Memory Chip to Produce 8GB Laptop Memory and 32GB Desktop Memory

Submitted by lalit on January 29, 2009 - 7:18pm.

Samsung announced today that it has developed 4Gb DDR3 memory chip, doubling the maximum capacity of DDR3 chips available today. Samsung used 50nm manufacturing technology to increase the capacity of the chip while not increasing the size. This increase in DDR3 chip capacity will allow production of laptop memory module with up to 8GB storage and desktop/server memory with up to 32GB storage by using dual die packaging.
The new DDR3 chips are more power efficient; they run at 1.35 volts compared to 1.5 volts required by current DDR3 chips. The new chips can transfer data at 1.6Gbps, making them one of the fastest DRAMs available today for laptops.  According to Samsung, the memory can deliver 40 percent power savings for larger servers, as the overall power required for running a 50nm 16GB DDR3 memory module is 40 percent less than memory available today. Samsung didn’t say when it would start mass production of the new memory.