Jason Calcanis Reveals Apple Tablet Details and Last Minute Leaked Photos of the Supposed Tablet

Submitted by lalit on January 27, 2010 - 10:01am.

The image above was posted by Engadget and the website says that the device in the photo looks like a prototype Apple tablet, which has been bolted down on a table. The tablet in the photo is running iPhone like app and shows WiFi and cell service indicator on the top. We don’t know if the images are real or not, but Engadget has been accurate in their last minute Apple rumors before.

Also in Apple tablet related news, Jason Calcanis, CEO of Mahalo, claimed on his Twitter account that Apple gave him a tablet ten days ago and Apple has asked him to do press tomorrow on CNBC, CNN, etc. It is very unlikely that Apple might use someone from outside the company to do the PR. However, TechCrunch has posted Jason’s initial impressions about the tablet:

  • It’s “the most amazing device ever”
  • It’s “really amazing for newspapers”
  • Video conferencing is “super stable”
  • Battery life is “great” when it comes to reading ebooks but not so great (2-3 hours) in WiFi mode or when playing games
  • Tailor-made games are “sick, on Wii level
  • The customized Farmville app (which Jobs is going to demo tomorrow with the CEO of the company behind it) is “insane”
  • OLED screen
  • Solar pad for recharging on the back (the device is mainly battery-powered)
  • The tablet is running on an iPhone OS variation
  • It can run multiple apps at the same time
  • It has thumb pads on each side (for mouse gestures)
  • Fingerprint verification (up to 5 profiles can be registered on one device)
  • HDTV tuner, a PVR and a chess game built-in
  • Back camera and front camera
  • Wireless keyboard and monitor connection for external monitors
  • The tablet will be offered by Verizon and ATT
  • It will cost $599, $699 or $799, depending on the screen size and internal memory

This is lot of information, but our sources say that some of it is wrong. According to our sources, the tablet will have more than 5-8 ours battery like on wireless network (both WiFi and 3G); it has a LED backlit LCD screen not OLED; the back is aluminum and not solar pad; there is just one camera and there is no HDTV tuner or PVR functionality.  We will find out everything about the tablet in less than five hours. Stay tuned, we will be doing live coverage of the Apple tablet event starting at 10AM PST / 1PM EST.