Rumor Roundup for Upcoming January 27 Apple Event

Submitted by lalit on January 25, 2010 - 6:15pm.

With just two days remaining in Apple’s upcoming January 27 media event many analysts and newspapers have also offered their predications for the event. Most of these predications are copy of what various blogs have been speculating for past one year, however, there are some interesting new details. Below we have listed major rumors circulating about the upcoming Apple event from various media outlets:

  • Tablet: It is now like a known fact that Apple will introduce their new tablet on January 27. The tablet will have 10-inch touchscreen, ARM Cortex A9 processor, flash memory, WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G support. Richard Doherty of Envisioneering Group believes that Apple will use in-house multi-core ARM processor designed by PA Semi. The processor will be most powerful, lowest cost SOC in the industry.
  • WSJ Predications: Wall Street Journal posted an article by Yukari Iwatani Kane that brought boatload of information about the upcoming event. According to Yukari, Apple tablet will focus on homes and classrooms bringing old media to the new frontier. The tablet will offer e-reader capabilities (e-books, newspapers, magazines, etc), multimedia content like TV subscriptions via iTunes, gaming capabilities, and support sharing between multiple family members to read news and check email.
  • Carrier Deals for Tablet: The tablet will come with 3G support and it is rumored both Verizon and AT&T will offer subsidiary for the tablet with data plans. According to Fox News, one version of the device will run on CDMA networks such as Verizon’s, and one will operate on GSM networks like AT&T’s. On the other hand, Ashok Kumar of Northeast Securities says that Apple will release two versions of the tablet: one with Qualcomm 3G chipset and WiFi for Verizon, and second with just WiFi (there will be no AT&T support). We believe that if Apple plans to sell the tablet outside US it will have HSPA network support for carrier subsidiaries in Europe and Asia.
  • Content Deals for Tablet: It has been rumored for more than six months that Apple has been in talks with various media houses to offer textbooks, e-books, newspaper and magazine. New York Times has been working closely with Apple and a large-screen version of NY Times application will be highlighted at the Apple event. Apple has also been in talks with other major publishers and they should announce deals at the tablet launch. On the multimedia side, Apple is negotiating with CBS and Walt Disney to offer TV subscription service, and is also in talks with major music labels to offer free streaming music service for the tablet.
  • Tablet Name: The two names in contention are “iPad” and “iSlate”. Apple has been acquiring trademarks and domain for both the names since 2007 and both the names will match Apple’s current lineup of iPod, iPhone and iMac. We like iPad more than iSlate, but Apple might have some problem with iPad trademark in US, however when has that stopped Apple.
  • And Steve Loves the Tablet: TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington posted that he has heard from multiple sources Steve is about as excited about the upcoming Apple Tablet as he’s ever been. “This will be the most important thing I’ve ever done” Steve Jobs said about the upcoming tablet.
  • iPhone: Apple won’t introduce next generation iPhone, but will probably preview iPhone OS 4.0 that will bring support for Apple tablet UI. The new OS will have multitasking for third party applications, updated UI and support for upcoming new iPhone hardware. It is also rumored that Apple will end AT&T’s iPhone exclusivity. Business Week is reporting that T-Mobile will get the iPhone this summer, followed by Verizon and Sprint in the fall and Clearwire Corp in 2011.
  • iTunes Update: Apple is expected to update iTunes software that will add support of streaming music service, TV subscription service and e-books section. Apple might also offer newspaper and magazines subscription service via iTunes.
  • iLife 2010: Apple normally updates iLife suite in January and it is rumored that iLife 2010 will bring touchscreen support for use on tablet.
  • MacBook Pro Upgrades: Intel released the new line of Core i3, i5 and i7 laptop processors earlier this month. It is rumored that Apple will use the Core i5 processors in MacBook Pro lineup and should announce the upgraded laptop at the January 27 media event.

Apple’s January 27th media event will focus on the tablet announced, but Apple has usually used the media event to introduce small updates along with one big announcement like iPhone launch in 2007. Most analysts believe that Apple will price the Tablet around $1,000, but our sources say that we will be surprised to see the price tag, which would be about half, around $500-$600. We would be doing live coverage of the Apple event on January 27th at 10AM PST and 1PM EST. Please join us then for more details.