Orange France’s VP Confirms Apple Tablet and Apple Courting Health Industry with Upcoming Tablet

Submitted by lalit on January 11, 2010 - 1:14pm.

VP of Orange France, Stephane Richard, apparently confirmed Apple tablet existence in an interview with Europe1 radio station.  When asked if he was aware of Apple’s plans to announce a webcam enabled tablet. He replied, “Yes”. The Google translation of his interview goes like this:

Jean Pierre Elkabbach: “According to the weekly Le Point, a few days your partner Apple will launch a Tablet with a webcam.”
Stephane Richard: “Yes”
Jean Pierre Elkabbach: “Is that Orange users will also benefit.”
Stephane Richard: “Sure!”

Stephane Richard is the second executive after Bill Keller of NY Times to openly talk about Apple upcoming tablet. In October Bill Keller said at NY Times Internal Neiman Journalism Lab that “I’m hoping we can get the newsroom more actively involved in the challenge of delivering our best journalism in the form of Times Reader, iPhone apps, WAP or the impending Apple slate, or whatever comes after that…”

Orange is now saying that Richard’s comments were “taken out of context”. Orange further added, “These responses in no way reflect Orange’s confirmation of the existence of the rumored device. The spokesperson was merely confirming that he is aware of the speculation surrounding a launch and that Orange would be delighted to have such a product were it ever to be available.”

Also in Apple tablet related news, Tinycomb is reporting that Apple has been courting doctors at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles with their new tablet for last 6 weeks. Jason Wilk wrote on the website:

Apple has been going around targeting their first major paying customer for the device, which is not the average consumer, but the health care industry. This is a move widely overlooked by the media, since Apple has generally tried to own the consumer arena, and besides the film industry, hasn’t dominated enterprise. Well, now that they own the music, mobile, laptop and every teenager market, the medical industry is next up to take over. [What’s my intel? My Dad plays golf with Cedas-Sanai hospital execs, who say they have been getting frequent visits from Apple about a new device in the last 6 weeks.]

The iPhone already has many health industry related applications, so it’s logical that Apple will aim for health industry, which is one of the biggest tablet buyer, with their new tablet. Also this shows that Apple is planning to releases a complete package with the new tablet that will offer music, movies, electronic publication, etc for consumers and support various industrial applications. We should find out more by the end of this month.