NVIDIA Launches the Tegra “Computer on a Chip” Platform for Smartphones and MID

Submitted by lalit on June 3, 2008 - 5:07pm.

Yesterday, NVIDIA officially launched their Tegra platform that will directly compete with low-end Intel Atom processors. The Tegra line is a system on a chip, which includes an 800MHz ARM11 CPU, GeForce GPU, image processor, video processor and controllers for the complete system. The products based on Tegra will run on Windows CE and Windows Mobile initially. Even though the Tegra chipset is 1/10th the size of Intel’s Atom processor and uses very low power, it can run games like Quake 3 at 40FPS and will support full HD resolution. NVIDIA will release two Chipsets – the Tegra 600 and the Tegra 650 in second half of 2008. Starting price for devices based on Tegra platform will be around $200 and the screen size will range between 4” to 12”. The company expects devices like PMP, GPS, MID and Mini-notebook to start using the chipset by end of 2008. Smartphones based on the platform won’t be available before 2009.
[Via Engadget]