Apple’s iTunes Customers Targeted by New Phishing Scam

Submitted by lalit on May 21, 2008 - 4:07pm.

A new phishing scam targeting iTunes users via a spam email message has been reported by a security company on Monday. The spam email message informs the user that they must correct a problem with their iTunes account. The link in the email takes the user to a spam website masquerading as an iTunes billing update page. The page asks for information like credit card, security code, Social Security Number, phone number, address and mother’s maiden name. Phishing scams are normally used to steal a victim’s identity and take money from their accounts. The two things every customers should remember are no online stores will ask for things like Social Security number or mother’s maiden name and if you get a email to update your account information, it’s best to go to the main website then log in your account and check if anything needs to be done. Clicking a like in an email is never advisable as it can be a phishing scam.