Wii Topped Combined Sales of Xbox, PS3, PS2 and PSP for April

Submitted by lalit on May 18, 2008 - 8:56am.

Wii again topped the sales chart for the month of April according to the latest data from NPD group. Even though the biggest release ever in video game history “Grand Theft Auto” was only released for Xbox and PS3 and not for Wii. Wii sold 714,200 units in April, where as Xbox sold 188,000, PS3 sold 187,100, PSP sold 192,700 and PS2 sold 124,400, bringing their combined total to 692,200. In previous months Wii was out selling Xbox by a margin of two is to one. But outselling all other gaming consoles combined is a very big feat. Nintendo also sold 414,800 units of DS, bring the total sales to 1.12 million gaming systems for Nintendo in April. That is nearly twice what the other two companies Microsoft and Sony sold in total. In a statement Microsoft said it is not competing with Nintendo. Microsoft when someone is kicking your ass this badly its better to runway then stay in competition. For more information about complete sales figures for month of April read the post on Ars Technica.