iLounge Claims to have 3G iPhone Design Details

Submitted by lalit on April 30, 2008 - 9:09pm.

According to iLounge the next generation iPhone will basically have same size, but will come with slightly different curves, coloration and materials. The iPhone will come with glossy black plastic back like most other website claimed. The enclosure will be tapered like Macbook Air, thinner near the edges. The front of the iPhone will remain nearly same but the bottom speaker and microphone grilles will be replaced by holes along the Dock connector. The screen will remain of same size but there will be three sensors in place of two sensors in present iPhone. The third sensor can be a video camera for video chats. The 3G iPhone might come in three colors black, white and red. At the end of post iLounge adds only Apple and its key partners know if any of this is correct, but some companies are assuming that it is and have start designing accessories based on the information.