Intel and Cray Team-up to Develop Clusters and Multi-core Processors

Submitted by lalit on April 28, 2008 - 2:22pm.

The supercomputer developer Cray announced today that it is working with Intel on advanced supercomputers. The main goal of the partnership is to develop technology for clusters and improve the in-processor technology used in multi-core processors. Cray will for the first time use Intel processor in its supercomputer in place of AMD’s Opterons it used in previous generation of its supercomputers. Neither Intel nor Cray has given any roadmap for the products that will be made using the technology developed by the partnership. Intel has already shown a processor that has 80 cores and said that one of the biggest problems in development of massive multi-core processor is in-processor data transfer, partnering with a supercomputer maker should definitely help Intel.