AnandTech Does Comprehensive Battery Test on MacBook Air HDD and SSD

Submitted by lalit on February 14, 2008 - 1:35pm.

There has be lot of debate going on about MacBook Air’s battery life. Some reviewers found out that it almost reaches four and a half hours and others found out that it was not even reaching 3 hours. It was really confusing as every reviewer did different sets of tests and came up with different results. I think in normal usage I would surf the net while listening to music or podcast, or I will playback a DVD and at that time I just watch the movie. So what test should I look at? Well AnandTech has solved my problem they have done three different sets of tests for both HDD and SSD MacBook Air. In the first test they browse Internet and play MP3 in itunes continuously, second test is done by playing a DVD image from the hard drive and in the third test they download 10GB file from Internet while Browsing web and playing 480p XviD file in QuickTime. As you might have guessed that in the last test Air didn’t even reach 3 hours and in the first test it reached 4.3 hours. The SSD Air lasted longer in every test in fact in the browsing test it reached 5 hours. You can read complete details about the test setups and results at AnandTech.