DigiTimes: Apple to Unveil Two New iPad Models with Higher-end Version Featuring Increased Battery Capacity

Submitted by lalit on December 28, 2011 - 11:42pm.

Supply chain sources have revealed to Digitimes that Apple is set to unveil next generation iPad at the upcoming iWorld expo in San Francisco on January 26. The company will introduce two versions of the new iPad that will target the mid-range and high-end tablet market. Apple will continue to sell iPad 2 for entry-level market by lowering the price.

Both the new iPad models will have 9.7-inch screen, but with higher QXGA resolution (1536 x 2048). Sharp will be the major supplier for the new LCD screen with support from Samsung and LG Display. Samsung will also supply the new quad-core A6 processor and 5-megapixel camera module for the new iPads.

The most interesting detail that DigiTimes’ sources revealed about the upcoming iPad was that the high-end model will have a higher capacity battery with 14,000 mAH power compared to 6,500mAH on current model. This should more than double the iPad battery life to 20-24 hours.

Even though DigiTimes claims that next generation iPad will be launched on January 26th, our sources say that it won’t be launched before February. Also the launch event will be held by Apple and they won’t share the stage at an event like iWorld (MacWorld).