Apple Acquires iSlate Domain Name in Many Countries

Submitted by lalit on December 26, 2009 - 6:09pm.

MacRumors reported few days back that Apple has acquired domain name in 2007 via a brand protection firm Mark Monitor. According to the website, Apple’s name was temporarily exposed as the actual owner of for several weeks in late 2007. TechCrunch further investigated this report and found that Apple has also acquired iSlate related domain names in other countries again via Mark Monitor, a company that has worked with Apple in past.

TechCrunch says that Mark Monitor has registered for United Kingdom, for Germany, for France, for Japan, for China and two other domain names and The website also notices that iSlate trademark is owned by a company called Slate Computing (registered in Delaware) and notably, the trademark was filed around the same time when three islate-related domain names were registered.

TechCrunch speculates that Apple decided on the name iSlate for a new product it was working on, whether it will ultimately turn out to be for their new tablet computer or not, in November 2006, and in the same month they filed for trademark and bought domain names via brand protection firms. The website concludes “The evidence is overwhelming: if there’s going to be a new tablet from Apple coming out next month, chances are that it’ll be christened iSlate.”