Apple, Amazon and Nintendo have a Blockbuster Holiday Season

Submitted by lalit on December 26, 2008 - 7:50pm.

Economy is going down daily and most companies are suffering because of that.  But Apple, Amazon and Nintendo just had the best holiday season ever in their companies’ history. Amazon today reported that 2008 holiday season was the ‘best ever’ with more than 6.3 million items ordered and 5.6 million units shipped during its peak day on December 15th. Amazon further added,  “Based on the number of items ordered, Nintendo Wii, Samsung 52-inch LCD HDTV, Apple iPod touch and the Blokus board game were the bestsellers.
Nintendo had a record shattering November and earlier this week it was reported that Nintendo sold a record breaking one million Wii in week ending on December 20th. In gaming console war this Christmas has truly belonged to Nintendo.
Apple on the other hand continued to dominate the MP3 player market, as both brick-and-mortar retailers and online retailers have confirmed. In notebook business also, except netbooks, only Apple’s seven notebooks were in the top 25 bestselling notebook list on Amazon for 2008 Christmas.
Philip Elmer-Dewitt of Fortune says it the best “You guessed it. It’s those seven premium-priced Apple MacBooks in a shopping cart dominated by stripped-down netbooks, heavily discounted Windows notebooks and a 2-for-1 ‘$100’ laptop. Except for the MacBooks and one $599 Toshiba, every computer on that list sells for less than $500.”
Even though Apple sells its products in premium segment it is having a very good holiday season.