Dell to Use 3.5mm Ultra-Thin LCD Panel for Adamo Notebooks

Submitted by lalit on December 25, 2008 - 2:29pm.

DigiTimes is reporting that Dell will use 3.5mm ultra-thin panels made by LG Display and Samsung Electronics for its upcoming Adamo notebooks. The LCD panels will have 16:10 aspect ratio and will be costlier than average thin LCD displays available.
The New York Times has reported yesterday that Dell’s Adamo will be an ultra-thin notebook series rivaling the MacBook Air from Apple.  In fact, few sources claim that Dell will call it the thinnest notebook on earth. Well, It very good that after one year someone is competing with MacBook on thickness.
DigiTimes’ sources say that the Adamo will be priced around $3,000, which is much higher than the $1,800 for a MacBook Air. Also Dell will target enterprise market with the new notebook. Though not much information is available about the size or specifications for the upcoming Dell Adamo. But our sources have informed us that the Adamo notebook will be based on Intel’s Ultra low voltage processor like SU9300 running at 1.2Ghz. If that is true Dell Adamo might not come close to the performance offered by Apple’s MacBook Air that uses 1.6GHz SL9300 processor from Intel.
We are not 100 percent sure that the information provided by our source is true. However, we will find out more at CES 2009.