Video Showcasing Apple’s Recent 3D Patent in Real World Use

Submitted by lalit on December 22, 2009 - 8:34pm.

Software Advice has posted a video showing how Apple’s recently revealed 3D technology patent can be used in ultimate display for construction plans. Last week, a patent application filed by Apple for 3D display technology was released. In the application, Apple described methods that could change the perspective of the 3D objects on the display based on the relative position of the user. The 3D display would detect the user’s position through video, infrared, electromagnetic field etc and by using this position information could manipulate the 3D object on display based on user movement. For example, user could move their head left and right to look around a 3D object.

The most interesting aspect of the new patent is interaction and manipulation of the 3D object on screen without use of peripherals like mouse or keyboard. Which could make user interaction with the technology very easy. In theory the new technology can be very useful in medicine, design etc. The video (added below) posted by Software Advice shows use of this technology in construction planning. The website says:

“We think the technology would be great for the construction industry. Combined with construction software, contractors could use it to visualize complex construction projects, like the example in video which uses 3D building models from Synchro software.
Rumor has it the technology could also be used with more traditional 2D images like electronic building plans. Using the iSight camera to detect head movement, users could potentially scroll up and down or left and right by moving their head.”

Many industries already use 3D printing and rendering to produce models before actual product is manufactured. By adding 3D object manipulation on screen the whole design process could be made more streamlined and faster. Check out the video below.