Garmin Planning Android Phone for Second Half of 2009; Motorola Abandons Symbian for Android

Submitted by lalit on December 22, 2008 - 1:05pm.

Garmin has yet not released the nuvifone that they announced in 2007, but the company is planning a follow-up device based on Google’s open source Android platform. Tony An, Garmin’s Asia Pacific marketing director has said that the nuvifone will be launched for Taiwan market in Q2 2009, with Android based device coming later in 2009. Garmin is the third company along with Samsung and Sony Ericsson that plans to release Android based mobile phone in second half of 2009.
In other Android news, Motorola’s director of mobile devices Oscar Rodriguez said that Motorola would cease almost all production in 2009 (for Symbian devices), so as to prepare a full new range of Android-based handsets in time for holiday season. He further added “The company is sound and can hold three quarters with lower sales in exchange for making a bet for the future”.  As we said in our previous post watch out Microsoft, Android is about to crash your party.
[Via Slash Gear]