Intel Introduces Next Generation Atom Processors

Submitted by lalit on December 21, 2009 - 8:10am.

Intel has officially introduced their new Atom platform codenamed “Pine Trail”.  The new platform combines NM10 Express chipset with next generation Atom chip that has processor with graphics built-in and the memory controller built-in. According to Intel, new Atom platform will offer better battery life, thinner design and faster performance. The netbook CPU will consume 20 percent less power and will be 60 percent smaller in size, whereas the nettop CPUs will consume 50 percent less power and will be 70 percent smaller in size than pervious generation.

The new N450 Atom processor for netbooks will have 1.66GHz clock speed, 512KB cache, DDR2-667 support and TDP of 5.5W.  The two new nettop processors D510 and D410 will both have 1.66GHz clock speed and DDR2-800/667 support. The D510 Atom processors will replace existing dual-core Atom processor and have 1MB cache and 13W TDP. The D410 will replace the single core Atom processor for nettops and will have 512KB cache and 10W TDP.

Intel says even though clock speed of the new Atom processors is same as previous generation Atom chips, the new processors will provide at least 20-30 percent performance gain.  And the new graphics engine on the chip should also improve graphics performance. Intel has started shipping the new Atom processors to its partners like HP, Acer, Dell, Asus and others, and around 80 new products based on the processors should be announced at CES 2010 show in January.
[Via CNET]