Rumors: Apple to Introduce iPhone Nano at Macworld 2009

Submitted by lalit on December 15, 2008 - 9:10am.

Macworld is coming close and the rumor mill has started churning. iDealsChina claims that Apple will announce an “iPhone nano” at MacWorld 2009 and has published information and rendering of the device. According to the website, the iPhone nano will have the same height as the just released iPod nano but it will be wider and thicker, with the same iPhone 3G contours.
The website has based their assumption on the images of a silicone case design by for the new iPhone nano. iDealsChina also claims that a number of companies are producing cases with similar specifications since last week. The website further adds that the iPhone nano will not have 3G support and the production for the said device will start on 20th December with 60,000 to 80,000 units per day for launch in January.
MacRumors points out that information from iDealsChina hasn’t always been reliable, but that has been the case for every other website that follows all things Apple. We here at TechzTalk believe that Apple will very soon launch a smaller iPhone to address the cellphone market segment that wants a simple mobile phone with iPod capabilities. 
This new phone from Apple will be more focused on phone and iPod capabilities rather than Internet and e-mailing capabilities. From what our sources tell us the phone will have few Apple only widgets initially and won’t require a separate $30 data plan from the carrier. The voice plan will include data for widgets like Stocks and Weather.
Apple will definitely release a new smaller iPhone that won’t be a smartphone, but it will be a smart-enough phone.