iPad 2 Rumor Roundup

Submitted by lalit on December 14, 2010 - 12:58pm.

In past few weeks rumor mill has been very active with iPad 2 news. Many major news outlets including WSJ, NY Times, Reuters and CNN have published rumors related to the upcoming iPad. The rumors range from just addition of front facing camera, to completely new smaller 7-inch iPad model, which will be release in first quarter of 2011. Below are some of those rumors about iPad 2 which might come true early next year.

Wedge Partners’ analyst Brain Blair claimed in November that next generation iPad would use Qualcomm’s multimode CDMA-GSM chips for supporting both AT&T’s and Verizon’s 3G network. Our sources say that Apple has been working with Qualcomm for quite sometime and it is very likely that not only the upcoming Verizon iPhone, but also the iPad 2 might benefit from this partnership.

There are also rumors that Apple has been working with Samsung for production of next generation Apple A5 chip. Current iPad uses Apple’s A4 processor that is manufactured by Samsung and is based on ARM Cortex A8 architecture. The next generation chip (most probably called A5) will be based on Cortex A9 architecture and would come with dual cores. Apple will also update the graphics engine on A5 chip doubling the 2D and 3D performance. Like the A4 chip, Samsung will again manufacture the new Apple chip.

One rumor that is almost confirmed is addition of camera on the new iPad. Some say that iPad 2 will come with just front facing camera for Facetime, while others say it will have two cameras, one lower resolution camera in front and a higher resolution camera in back. Some analyst are claiming that Apple will use a 5-megapixel CCD sensor for back camera, but they are wrong as has been using backlit CMOS sensor for camera on iPhone 4, which are thinner in profile and have better light sensitivity.

If Apple adds a camera on iPad’s back it will be a 5-megapixel backlit CMOS senor based camera. Rumors are that Largan Precision, the company that supplies lens for iPhone 4’s 5-megapixel camera was selected as lens module supplier for upcoming iPad adding more credibility to the news that iPad will have back facing 5-megapixel camera along with front facing camera for Facetime.

Our sources say that most of the above rumors will come true for next generation iPad 2. They add Apple will mainly focus on performance improvement by a factor of 2X at least, rather than exterior design. Internally, iPad 2 will be completely new product with new processor, faster graphics and more memory.

One of our most reliable sources says that Apple will announce the new iPad in January and contrary to what most analyst say (iPad 2 will ship in April after January’s announcement), Apple will ship the iPad 2 within 3-4 weeks of announcement.