Netbook Sales Overtakes iPhone Seriously…

Submitted by lalit on December 11, 2008 - 1:40pm.

Numerous blogs have posted a report stating that netbook sales have overtaken iPhone. Now the thing that I don’t understand is how can anyone compare a single product sales to sales of whole product category. The data in the articles points to 5.6 million sales for netbooks compared to 4.7 million for iPhone in Q3 2008.
To compare sales of products across two different categories, they could have just compared sales of Acer Aspire One Netbook with iPhone sales, which was around one third of iPhone sales. But that wouldn’t have made sensational headlines. iPhone is part of smartphone category and comparing sales of smartphone with netbook sales is like comparing grain of sand to a mountain. It is estimated that more 200 million smartphones will be sold this year where as only 14 million netbooks will sell in 2008.
In fact netbook sales are not even 30 percent of total portable computer sales that includes laptop along with UMPC. Definitely, netbook sales are growing fast, but they are not as big as most analysts want us to believe.
[Image from Slash Gear]