No ZunePhone At CES in January

Submitted by lalit on December 10, 2008 - 9:24pm.

There have been various rumors going around about Microsoft’s plan to launch a Zune based mobile phone at CES in January. But Ina Fried is reporting that a source close to Microsoft’s plan has informed her not to expect a Zunephone at CES. There will be a bunch of stuff that Ballmer will show at CES keynote and instead of ZunePhone, Windows 7 will be hog the limelight.
Ballmer will focus on consumer-oriented features of Windows 7 along with adoption of Windows on Web and phones. On the phone side Microsoft will focus on Windows Live services for mobile and a number of new “premium mobile service based on its Danger acquisition. Phone based on Windows Mobile OS might get support for Zune service along with a dedicated music player.
Our sources are also saying that there will be no Zunephone, but Microsoft might talk about upcoming update to Windows Mobile OS.
[Via CNET]