Intel Says Development of 32nm Manufacturing Process Complete

Submitted by lalit on December 10, 2008 - 4:02pm.

Following its own “tick-tock” strategy Intel announced today that they have completed development of next generation 32nm manufacturing process. The 32nm process will use transistors based on Intel’s second generation high-k metal gate technology that will switch 22 percent faster than current 45-nm Penryn chips.
With the new 32nm process Intel will be able to make faster and more energy efficient processors. To make cooler and faster running new chips, Intel has used a new approach for making patterning layers of transistors. These developments will allow Intel to make more complex and smaller processors without having to worry about current leaks and processor heat-up problems.
The first processors to be built using the new 32nm process will be die shrink for 45nm Nehalem processor family. Intel is expected to start production based on 32nm process by late 2009.
[Via Vnunet]