Telstra Launches World's First 21Mbps 3G Network in Australia

Submitted by lalit on December 5, 2008 - 12:23pm.

Telstra one of the biggest wireless carrier in Australia today launched world’s first HSPA+ network. The company had announced in October that they would start implementing HSPA+ also known as HSPA Evolution network by end of 2008. The new network is three times faster than present 3G network and will boost speeds up to 21Mbps. Telstra is the first carrier in the world to use the updated HSPA+ technology. The company partnered up with Ericsson to update its networks.
Starting today the HSPA+ network is available in Brisbane. Telstra promises that more cities will get the HSPA+ network before end of this year and by mid of 2009 their complete network will be HSPA+. The company also says that in 2009 it will again upgrade its networks to provide full HSPA+ speeds at 42Mbps download speed and 11Mbps upload speed. If Telstra is able to achieve 42Mbps speeds it will make their 3G HSPA+ network faster than WiMAX networks, which some people are calling 4G network.