Apple Safari and Google Chrome Gain Worldwide Browser Market Share

Submitted by lalit on November 24, 2008 - 7:33pm.

Research firm OneStat is reporting that both Safari and Chrome web browsers saw a market share increase in 2008. Safari’s market share increased 0.24 percent to 2.42 percent whereas Chrome reached 0.55 percent. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer dominated the worldwide browser market share with 81.36 percent, which drop from 83.27 percent in February 2008. Firefox was in second place with 14.67 percent followed by Safari in third place. Opera with 0.55 percent and Chrome again with 0.55 percent were in fourth and fifth place respectively.
Safari had the highest market share in Canada with 7.56 percent. In US Safari’s market share continued to rise and it has reached 3.95 percent. Chrome also had higher market share in US (0.62 percent) and Canada (0.92 percent) compared to its worldwide share of 0.55 percent.
[Via MacWorld]