Apple Promoting the New MacBooks as The World’s Greenest Notebooks

Submitted by lalit on November 24, 2008 - 10:21pm.

Apple has setup a page to promote the environmentally friendly nature of the new MacBook lineup. The headline of the page says “The new MacBooks. The world’s greenest family of notebooks. The highly recyclable even more energy efficient MacBook family has been designed with the environment in mind.”
The page give information about how every new MacBook has been built using materials that are highly recyclable and free of many harmful substances present in other computers. Apple talks about elimination of harmful toxins, highly recyclable materials used, energy efficiency and reduced packaging size. There is an Environmental Status Report that shows that the new MacBooks have arsenic-free glass, mercury-free LED-backlit display, brominated flame retardant-free internal components, PVC-free internal cables, highly recyclable aluminum and glass enclosure and 41 percent smaller packaging.
Apple has also posted a video about the environment friendliness of the new MacBook lineup. You can watch it here. To get more information about the greenest family of notebooks visit Apple’s website.