Review Roundup: Windows Phone 7

Submitted by lalit on November 4, 2010 - 1:13pm.

Microsoft launched their new Window Phone 7 operating system for smartphones in October 2010. Devices based on the new OS started shipping in Europe on October 21st and will ship in US in November. Microsoft’s motto for Windows Phone 7 design was “Get to everything you love. Easier and faster.” To achieve this motto Microsoft has designed the new Live Tiles interface that brings all the latest information to the start screen, and the new Hub feature that brings things like social networking, multimedia, Office apps and gaming together in various Hubs.

Reviews of the new OS have been largely positive with most reviewers agreeing that Microsoft has taken their first step in the right direction after many miss steps when it comes to smartphone. Walt Mossberg of WSJ concluded his review by saying “Overall, I can’t recommend Windows Phone 7 as being on a par with iPhone or Android—at least not yet. Unless you’re an Xbox Live user, or rely on Microsoft’s SharePoint corporate Web-based document system, it isn’t as good or as versatile as its rivals.”

We think Windows Phone 7 offers unique and easy to use UI, but it’s missing some critical features like copy and paste, multitasking and HTML5 support. Below we have added links to 10 most comprehensive reviews of Windows Phone 7: