Four Features Apple iOS Should Copy From Android

Submitted by lalit on November 3, 2010 - 8:14pm.

Fortune has posted an article titled “10 ways Android beats iOS, Windows and everything else”. Out of the 10 ways that author Seth Weintraub wrote in the article, we think 4 features or ways are very important and we believe Apple should copy them from Android. Apple should bring the following four features to iOS:

  • Maps and Navigation: When iPhone was launched in 2007, the Maps application on the phone was revolutionary with features like pinch to zoom. However, since 2007 no major new feature has been added to Maps app on iPhone, and Google Maps app with navigation on Android easily beats it.
  • Notify bar: Android’s notify bar gives access to everything from missed call notifications to software update. And you can easily see what you missed in the pull-down drawer of the Notify bar. On the other hand, notifications are served on the lock screen when you are not using the iPhone and once you have unlocked the phone there is no easy way to see all the notifications in one place. You have to go to individual application to see what’s new.
  • Widgets: Android allows you to place widgets showing information like weather, time and search on the home screen. I don’t know if I want Apple to change their application-centric home screen, but Apple could allow widgets on the unlock screen or like the search feature on iPhone to get quick access to information about weather, stock or other things without opening applications.
  • Carrier Choice: It’s not an iOS feature, but it could turn into big iPhone platform feature. With multiple carriers consumers will have more option to select data plans, voice plans and better network for their area. It is a fact that AT&T is not the best carrier option for many consumers and it is limiting iPhone’s reach to just 33 percent of wireless consumers. Also, addition of other networks might even ease up strain on AT&T’s network.