Apple Plans to Introduce $30-per-month iTunes TV Subscriptions Service

Submitted by lalit on November 2, 2009 - 3:13pm.

All Things Digital’s Peter Kafka is reporting that Apple is pitching a monthly subscription service to TV networks, which would deliver TV programs via iTunes for $30 monthly fee. The service will be an extension of iTunes software allowing users to view shows on all Apple devices like the iPhone, iPod and Apple TV. 

According to Peter, Apple plans to launch the service early next year, but no single programmer has made a firm commitment to the company yet, which has tasked iTunes boss Eddy Cue with promoting the idea. Industry executives believe that Disney might be the first network to join Apple in this effort. One executive said about Apple’s subscription plans “I think they might get it right this time.”

It is rumored that the subscription plan will offer unlimited access to a sub-library of TV shows available on iTunes. The product could replace consumer’s monthly cable bill of around $85 and offer access to current and older episodes of select shows on select channels. If Apple offers top rated shows from various networks this service could not only remove the need of cable service for some users, but it can also replace DVR with online unlimited access.