Intel Plans to Present 32nm Chip Details While AMD Plans to Show Off First 22nm Part

Submitted by lalit on October 31, 2008 - 1:38pm.

On December 15th, IEEE will kick off International Electron Devices Meeting, where representatives from various chip-manufacturing companies will present paper related to latest development in chip design and manufacturing. Intel will release details about its 32nm manufacturing process, which they will start using to produce chips in 2009. Intel will talk about how they produced a 291Mb SRam memory that uses high-k and metal gate technologies to test 32nm process technology. Static Ram (SRam) cells are made by chipmaker to test new fabrication technology. The SRam chip made using 32nm process will have density 0.171µm2.
Intel won’t be the only chipmaker talking about 32nm process, both TSMC and IBM will show their latest development in the upcoming process technology. TSMC will discuss their new 32nm 2Mb SRam chip, where as IBM will show their 32nm SRam cell, which has higher density than Intel’s at 0.157µm2.
Intel’s main rival, AMD will try to one up by partnering with IBM to present “the smallest functional SRam cell ever made”. AMD and IBM have developed 22nm process technology using high-k and metal gate part with cell density of just 0.1µm2. This is the first time any chipmaker will show a 22nm working part. AMD hasn’t yet planned when they will start using 22nm process technology to manufacture chips, but the company has said before that they are planning to switch to 32nm process in 2010.
[Via Register Hardware]