New MacBooks Supports up to 6GB of RAM, But not 8GB

Submitted by lalit on October 30, 2008 - 8:58pm.

Since Apple launched the new MacBooks there has been discussion going around the blogosphere about how much RAM the new laptop can support. Earlier, NVIDIA revealed that the GeForce 9400M chipset is capable of supporting 8GB of RAM. But Apple has listed on its website that the MacBooks supports just 4GB RAM. So decided to test whether MacBook can support 8GB RAM or not. They found that even though the system recognized 8GB memory it wasn’t able to use it. Only 4GB RAM was used and rest was left free.
Barefeats, a member of MacRumors forums found that when he put one 4GB and one 2GB memory module for a total of 6GB, the MacBook recognized and used the complete 6GB memory. According to barefeats, everything was running fast and the full 6GB was accessible. Ars Techinca is reporting that it seems that the most likely culprit of the 6GB limit might be the chipset drivers Apple is using. If software is the problem, Apple could fix it by updating the drivers to enable full support of 8GB RAM. Will Apple update the drivers or will they release new MacBook with 8GB RAM support next year and force us to buy the new one for more RAM? The other question is how many people really need 8GB RAM?