Microsoft Developing New Surface Prototype “Secondlight”

Submitted by lalit on October 30, 2008 - 9:28am.


Slashdot is reporting that Microsoft is working on new Surface Table technology called “Secondlight” that projects an image through the table itself, so that any translucent material held above the Surface Table screen displays a different image to what you see on the table’s display. According to Slashdot this means you can have a satellite image of a town on the table and have the street names projected on to a piece of paper that the user holds above the map. Engadget posted the above video and it shows different ways the new technology can be used. In the video, Surface table is used to show images on the surface and through a surface, setup of the Secondlight technology, magic lens functions, use of Prism objects, tracking of gestures at a distance and tracking of IR reflective objects. Though the video doesn’t do complete justice to how magnificent the new technology is but it worth watching.