Walmart Lowers MP3 Price to 74 Cents and Adds Mac Support

Submitted by lalit on October 28, 2008 - 12:29pm.

Walmart made a very aggressive move by lowering per song price to 74 cents to compete against Apple’s iTunes and Amazon MP3 store. iTunes charges 99 cents per song and Amazon offer songs for 89 cents each. Walmart has lowered per song price for part of its catalogue including the top 30 songs to 74 cents. The regular price will remain at 94 cents, Walmart says. Walmart will also try to increase CD sales by offering customers free MP3 song from any artist or album, when they buy physical copies of albums either online or in stores.
Walmart has also added Mac support to its MP3 website, initially the Walmart MP3 website was Windows centric with only Internet Explorer support. The new version will support both Mac and Linux platforms as well as add support for Firefox and Safari web browsers. The new website will also synchronizes better with iTunes and Windows Media Player on Windows systems. Till now Walmart’s online MP3 store hasn’t been as successful as iTunes or Amazon MP3 store. And with CD sales continuously dropping and online music download rising, Walmart has taken the only road it knows (decrease price) to win customers.
[Via Walmart MP3 Store]