iPhone 2.2 Software Update to Add Street View Public Transit and Walking Directions

Submitted by lalit on October 27, 2008 - 8:13am.

Apple has started seeding beta version of iPhone 2.2 software and the new software gets some of the new Maps features, that Google showed when they launched the T-Mobile G1. The next software update will not only add Street View, but also bus train and walking directions to the Maps software. In direction mode, Apple has added three icons showing car, public transit and walk, on top of the screen. If you select Transit icon, you get a list of transit choices that can help you reach to selected destination using public transit.
The second feature that Apple is adding is Street View, it will allow users to view street level photographs just as they can on Google Maps’ website. In Street view you will get two options on top of the screen ‘Report’ or ‘Done’, there will be a small navigation circle showing your current location. Apple has also added location share feature that adds the selected address in an email with a hyperlink, which automatically launches and loads the Maps application on recipient’s iPhone.
There is no word on when Apple will release the 2.2 update or will the software update bring other features like copy/paste and system wide Push support.
[Via iPhoneYap]