Apple News: iTunes Subscription Service, 7-inch iPad Ready, and Orders for Qualcomm CDMA iPhone Chip

Submitted by lalit on October 10, 2010 - 9:49pm.

New York Post is reporting that Apple is working on iTunes subscription service. The new service will provide customers unlimited access to complete iTunes catalog for a monthly fee of $10 to $15.  Claire Atkinson of NY Post wrote, “Apple iTunes boss Eddy Cue was on the phone with music honchos as recently as a few weeks ago trying to figure out how the partners can move forward. One top music exec said the labels are supportive of the idea and believe it could re-energize digital music sales.” NY post didn’t say when this subscription service is coming.

In the second Apple related news, Jim Dalrymple of The Loop claims that Apple already has a 7-inch iPad. He wrote:

The fact is, Apple already has a 7-inch iPad. They have had one of the smaller devices since they started making the 9.7-inch iPad that we have now.
To be clearer, the two devices were developed at the same time. They have pretty much the same specs, except, of course, the 9.7-inch model has a higher density screen than its smaller counterpart.
Why did Apple choose to go with the larger model instead? Only Steve Jobs knows that for sure.

Even before the iPad was released in January 2010, it was rumored that Apple is developing tablet with various screen sizes. So it’s very likely that Jim is right when he says, “Apple already has a 7-inch iPad.” However, from what we have heard the 7-inch model that Apple is currently working on will add new features like webcam and gyroscope, which are not present on 9.7-inch model.

And finally, Wedge Partners analyst Brain Blair adds his two cents to CDMA/Verizon iPhone rumors. He says “Qualcomm saw ‘meaningful order strength’ late in the third quarter due to orders related to coming CDMA iPhone.” He added “We understand solid order trends for Qualcomm continue into Q4 and are considered to be well above average right now.”

These statements if true indicate that Qualcomm is receiving orders for few million CDMA chipsets from Apple, which would translate to “meaningful order strength”. It also means that CDMA iPhone is nearing production, otherwise Apple won’t order these many CDMA chipsets.