‘Brick’ is a New Manufacturing Process for MacBooks

Submitted by lalit on October 4, 2008 - 9:10pm.

The ‘Brick’ was rumored as codename for a new product that Apple will introduce soon. But, 9to5mac is reporting that ‘Brick’ is the codename for a new manufacturing process developed by Apple for upcoming MacBooks. The name Brick is used to refer to a block of high quality, aircraft grade aluminum, which is used in the new manufacturing process.
According to Seth, the new process is totally revolutionary and Apple has spent last few years building it. The process uses lasers and jets of water to carve the MacBooks out of an aluminum block aka Brick. The advantage of using the new process include:

  • Carving out of aluminum eliminates the need to bend the metal and create weak spots or microfolds and rifts.
  • There are no seams in the final product, so it is smooth.
  • Screws aren’t needed to tie the products together.
  • The shell is one piece of metal so it is super light, super strong and super cheap.
  • You can be a whole lot more creative with the design if you don’t have to machine it.

In past, information released by 9to5mac about upcoming Apple products had been very accurate, so we think that this Brick rumor will also come true. Seth from 9to5mac also says that MacBooks are still on target for an October 14th announcement and the press should be getting invites within the next few days.
Earlier today, we reported that new MacBooks will be powered by NVIDIA chipset and they will be released on 14th October. And, now the information from 9to5mac also points to the same date. Based on the latest information from our sources, we are almost certain that we will see new Apple laptops on 14th October.