Sony Announces New Reader PRS-700 with Touchscreen

Submitted by lalit on October 3, 2008 - 9:13am.

Sony today announced a new electronic Reader PRS-700 that will feature an e-ink display with touchscreen capabilities. The touchscreen will allow users to make swiping gestures with finger to turn pages, use stylus to select text, run search and take notes using the on screen touch keyboard. Sony claims that they are the first to use both touchscreen and LED reading light in a reader.
The battery life of the device will be same 7,500 pages per charge as the pervious device. And, there is no change in format support, it includes, PDF, Word, BBeB and EPUB files. Sony has increased the onboard storage and now the device can store 350 typical books without the need of adding more storage via Memory Stick or SD card. For now, Sony will be marketing the new PRS-700 as the high-end Reader and not a replacement for the pervious generation model; the older model will also be on sale for $300. Sony will ship the PRS-700 in November for $400.