Apple Planning to Update Mighty Mouse and Bluetooth Keyboard

Submitted by lalit on October 2, 2009 - 6:45pm.

AppleInsider is reporting that Apple will release a new mouse as early as this year along with the new iMacs. Apple will remove the problematic mechanical roller ball, and make the mouse mightier by expanding touch sensitive housing and using multipoint touch detection technologies found on the MacBook lineup. The new mouse will also drop the white plastic finish and come in aluminum finish to fit with Apple’s current desktop and notebook lineup. AppleInsider believes that the update will be as revolutionary as the mouse that Apple introduced 25 years ago.

In more Apple mouse related news, Engadget has posted images from the documentation released by FCC showing Apple new Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. In the documents the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse have new model number A1314 and A1296 respectively, whereas the current keyboard has model number A1255 and the Mighty Mouse is A1197. This adds more weight to the article posted by AppleInsider mentioned above. After the news was leaked FCC removed the images from the website and posted revised images that cropped out the hardware and showed just FCC related information. We have added the two original images published by FCC of the upcoming keyboard and mouse below.